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Don't take this the wrong way, but you're pretty replaceable. When it comes to your body, science has figured out how to hack, synthesize, or replace a surprising amount of its parts and processes. We have implants to keep heart beats steady, and steel rods to mimic bones. We've got drugs that can replace hormones, and antibiotics to cover for your immune system, and pretty soon you'll be able to just 3D print a new ear if you need one. Really! But one thing we absolutely cannot manufacture despite what True Blood would have you believe is blood. And yet blood is a thing that we all need.

And sometimes, because of injury or illness, we need extra blood. In fact, every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. This could be a victim of a car accident, someone undergoing surgery, or a cancer patient who needs new blood to maintain their health during chemotherapy. And because we can't grow it on trees, or make it in a lab, or even it store it for all that long, the blood that people need nearly 16 million pints a year in the U.S. has to come from people who have donated it. So let's talk blood, shall we?.

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™ªâ™ª Anna Hi. My name is Anna Tetter, and I manage the healthcare classes through workforce solutions. I'd like to give you a brief overview of some of our upcoming classes. We have a clinical medical assistant program that prepares students to work primarily in a doctor's office handling frontend administration, phlebotomy, and EKGs. Our phlebotomy program focuses specifically on the skills required for drawing blood and collecting specimen samples. If a clinical role doesn't excite you, but you are still interested in working in the.

Medical field, our patient service representative program could be a great option for you. It offers training for office administration within healthcare offices. Lastly, our optometrist assistant program will prepare you for a great entry level position within the eye care industry. Within just a few weeks or a few short months you can have a valuable credential to purse your dream of working within the healthcare career field. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes this spring in our catalog and on our website. ♪ ♪.

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Submarine Learning Center
P.O. Box 5029, Naval Submarine Base
Groton, CT 6349
Phone: 860-694-1716
Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy - Groton
1154 Poquonnock Rd
Groton, CT 6340
Phone: 860-446-2299
Grasso Southeastern Technical High School
189 Fort Hill Road
Groton, CT 6340

Hi. My name is Isa Jones, and I'm a sex and couples therapist with a background in marriage and family therapy. As a sex and couples therapist, I create a very safe and comfortable space for you to discuss and resolve some of your most difficult and very personal life challenges. I specialize in couples' communication and reconnection which involves enhancing both the emotional and physical relationship. I teach couples how to recapture and fuel their relationships with erotic desire. I also work with couples to heal and recover from the devastating impacts that an affair can have, as well as treating many other sexual concerns. Ultimately, I do this work because I see sex as an amazing gift with incredible potential to nurture ourselves and revitalize our relationships. You know when sex is good it's a place of renewal and a refuge, of fun and comfort.

Great sex invigorates us and bonds us together. It's our sexual relationship that distinguishes us as lovers; without it, we become roommates, and with this, we create disconnection and distance. And often as a result, people get angry and frustrated and become resentful and withdrawn in their relationships. So if you're having these kinds of challenges or if you're in need of some support, some direction, or some hope, or maybe you just have a question, I'd love to hear from you.

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