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You may be wondering how long is phlebotomy training? You might be surprised to learn that, with Education Consulting Associates and Auburn University, your training can be completed within 4 months, with a total of 270 course contact hours. Our Phlebotomy Technician program offers: Knowledge of the daily functions and procedures of a Phlebotomist The most recent safety guidelines Concise information about new federal regulations Updates on equipment and supplies The course also includes standards such as: Hazard prevention techniques Competencies in the workplace Securing a job.

How long is phlebotomy training? The sooner you start, the sooner you can finish. Call Education Consulting Associates today at 18885148944, or visit us online at StartCareerTraining now.

Phlebotomy Training Tutorial

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Best Phlebotomy Schools In Washington,District of Columbia

Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20064
Phone: 202-319-5000
Website: http://www.cua.edu
Harrison Career Institute - Washington, DC
1627 K St., NW, 9th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
Technical Learning Centers
1720 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-393-7100
Website: http://www.tlc-corp.com
Bennett Career Institute
700 Monroe Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 202-526-1400
Southeastern University
501 I St SW
Washington, DC 20024-2788
Phone: 202-478-8200

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