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Blood Part 1 True Blood Crash Course AP 29

Don't take this the wrong way, but you're pretty replaceable. When it comes to your body, science has figured out how to hack, synthesize, or replace a surprising amount of its parts and processes. We have implants to keep heart beats steady, and steel rods to mimic bones. We've got drugs that can replace hormones, and antibiotics to cover for your immune system, and pretty soon you'll be able to just 3D print a new ear if you need one. Really! But one thing we absolutely cannot manufacture despite what True Blood would have you believe is blood. And yet blood is a thing that we all need.

And sometimes, because of injury or illness, we need extra blood. In fact, every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. This could be a victim of a car accident, someone undergoing surgery, or a cancer patient who needs new blood to maintain their health during chemotherapy. And because we can't grow it on trees, or make it in a lab, or even it store it for all that long, the blood that people need nearly 16 million pints a year in the U.S. has to come from people who have donated it. So let's talk blood, shall we?.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Peoria,Illinois

Midstate College
411 W Northmoor Road
Peoria, IL 61614-3595
Phone: 309-692-4092-1020
Bradley University
1501 W Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61625-0001
Phone: 309-676-7611
Methodist College
415 St. Mark Court
Peoria, IL 61603
Phone: 309-672-5512
Illinois Central College
One College Drive
East Peoria, IL 61635-0001
Phone: 309-694-5011
Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing
511 NE Greenleaf St
Peoria, IL 61603-3783
Phone: 309-655-2086

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