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Today we're talking about Phlebotomy Certification and there are many different options for becoming certified as a phlebotomist. You want to attend on a credited college or program to get the right training. You want to be taught by expert in the field so that you can learn best techniques for your phlebotomy practice and so to do all of that, you have to become certified and go through courses to become trained as a phlebotomist. there are 6 major companies or organizations that offer phlebotomy certification 1. American Medical Technologist or AMT they are great organization, and you can become.

Certified as a phlebotomist through them. 2. National Center for Competency Testing) or the NCCT. 3. American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) 4. National Phlebotomy Association (NPA) 5. American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) You can search google for any of these to research various organizations offering phlebotomist certification 6. National Health Career Association (NHA) So all of these provide phlebotomist certification, they provide courses, they provide training materials. they also require continuing education once you gone through your phlebotomy training.

Perks Of Being A Phlebotomist

Hi I'm Elora Murray and thanks for joining us at the Phlebotomy Training News Network. Having a career in Phlebotomy is full of benefits. Here are some examples:With each collected blood donation, phlebotomists help save up to 3 lives.In addition, Phlebotomists can take great satisfaction doing work that helps diagnose and treat patients. Also, Phlebotomists can work in a wide range of locations. Including hospitals, research laborites and insurance companies. Plus, working in the healthcare industry often gives one access to superior medical and retirement benefits. Furthermore, phlebotomists working at hospitals frequently.

Have access to employee wellness programs ad other benefits. For those of you wondering about money, an experienced phlebotomist can earn up to 20 dollars an hour.In addition, phlebotomy is a rapidlygrowing field with expected growth of 27 percent by 2022.Finally, many use phlebotomy as a steppingstone to nursing or another medical jobs. That's all the news we have for you today. Once again, I'm Elora Murray and thanks for joining us at the Phlebotomy training News Network. Have a great day.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Indianapolis,Indiana

Community Health Network
1500 North Ritter St.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
American College of Education
101 West Ohio Street, Suite 2000
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Christian Theological Seminary
1000 W 42nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3301
Phone: 317-924-1331
Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital
2601 Cold Spring Road
Indianapolis, IN 46222
University of Indianapolis
1400 E Hanna Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697
Phone: 317-788-3368

(music) (siren) (Announcer) When an individual is severely injured or sick, the difference between life and death can rest with the Emergency Medical Professionals They are the first responders that provide treatment in the field and keep patients alive while transporting them to a medical facility. Georgia Northwestern Technical College offers Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic programs that prepare students to provide accurate.

Patient assessment and competent medical care in at the scene of an emergency. (Phil) About 50% of our programs are lecture and about 50% are labs, so we spend a great deal of time in the labs. We have to learn how to do patient assessment. Every time we go on a call we are assessing a patient, so we have to be masters of patient assessment. (Announcer) GNTC offers Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician certificate programs.

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