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I'm Beth Calhoun. I studied Phlebotomy and I went through the MLA course, Medical Lab Assistant. The Medical Lab Assistant class was the greatest. I had a lot of fun doing the actual lab part of it; Streaking plates, making smears. It was a lot of fun to actually see where your phlebotomy samples wound up and how they got there. I was very fortunate when I first found out about AMTI, I actually had done a internet search trying to find schools in the valley and I came across AMTI.

And this has been my home ever since. I started with my Phlebotomy class here and I really wanted to come back and so I furthered with my MLA. My clinical externship right now, I'm at Lab Express on 5th McDowell I currently work in all departments and I kinda am a tool of all trades. Wherever they need me is where I go. Right now my focus is on hematology I help load the machine. I help pull the samples off the machine as well as I give the results to the.

Phlebotomy DermalCapillary Punctures

Okay, today we're going to learn how to do the dermal punctures on each other. The equipment you'll need is you'll need a lancet. Sorry, the needle lancet. You'll need your capillary tubes, alcohol swabs, your two by two gauze, you might need some tape. And then, you also need your gloves. Let's go ahead and put our gloves on. I've already obtained consent from my patient and informed them of the procedure.

As you see, I have two lancets out. You want to make sure that you always have backup equipment in case the lancet does not work. Go ahead and withdraw one of your capillary tubes. Place it out. Be careful. You might want to sit it on something that you know where it is, because it's plastic and it will blend in with the environment.

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Barton County Community College
245 NE 30th Road
Great Bend, KS 67530
Phone: 620-792-2701

All right we're going to demonstrate how to wash your hands the first thing you want to do is get your paper towels prepared you are going to wand ti and have it ready I'm going to turn on the water to a comfortable temperature and a safe speed. Don't want to fill the sink too high. Get our hands really, really wet. We want to be able to create a good lather. I am going to get my soap.

Now I am going to start washing my hands with pointing my hands downward. We want to go from the cleanest to the dirtiest. Our wrist is the cleanest and our fingertips are the dirtiest. So we are going to get a good lather. We are going to clean the back of our hands. Going to clean my fingernails. If you have rings please be able to get underneath those rings because the harbor bacteria.

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