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Healthcare Fast Track Career Training Programs

™ªâ™ª Anna Hi. My name is Anna Tetter, and I manage the healthcare classes through workforce solutions. I'd like to give you a brief overview of some of our upcoming classes. We have a clinical medical assistant program that prepares students to work primarily in a doctor's office handling frontend administration, phlebotomy, and EKGs. Our phlebotomy program focuses specifically on the skills required for drawing blood and collecting specimen samples. If a clinical role doesn't excite you, but you are still interested in working in the.

Medical field, our patient service representative program could be a great option for you. It offers training for office administration within healthcare offices. Lastly, our optometrist assistant program will prepare you for a great entry level position within the eye care industry. Within just a few weeks or a few short months you can have a valuable credential to purse your dream of working within the healthcare career field. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes this spring in our catalog and on our website. ♪ ♪.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Highland,Kansas

Highland Community College
606 W Main
Highland, KS 66035-4165
Phone: 785-442-6000

Today we're talking about Pell grants, financial aid, and the federal Pell grant program. These are need based grants for low income, undergraduate and in some cases postbaccalaureate students. Over 5000 institutions participate in the pell grant program. You want to check and verify that the school you're considering takes Pell Grant money because certain private schools cannot take Pell Grant money. Grant amounts are dependent on many different factors including, student income, so I'm going to put that up here, and also family income. The third one, other family members, and how much money they're getting for their education. So if you have a lot of direct family members under the same household getting.

Pell Grant money that can play a factor as well. Other family members can affect your Pell Grant money. Number four, depending on whether you're a full time or part time student, that can also have an effect. So I'm going to put fulltime versus parttime. All of this is part of the Expected Family Contribution. So these four tie into the EFC, which is Expected Family Contribution. This is used for the FAFSA report that you have to fill out for financial aid, and this is the big one. You must fill out a FAFSA report. Part of the FAFSA is the Expected Family Contribution which has all of these different components. The sixth thing that I want to mention is.

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