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™ªâ™ª Anna Hi. My name is Anna Tetter, and I manage the healthcare classes through workforce solutions. I'd like to give you a brief overview of some of our upcoming classes. We have a clinical medical assistant program that prepares students to work primarily in a doctor's office handling frontend administration, phlebotomy, and EKGs. Our phlebotomy program focuses specifically on the skills required for drawing blood and collecting specimen samples. If a clinical role doesn't excite you, but you are still interested in working in the.

Medical field, our patient service representative program could be a great option for you. It offers training for office administration within healthcare offices. Lastly, our optometrist assistant program will prepare you for a great entry level position within the eye care industry. Within just a few weeks or a few short months you can have a valuable credential to purse your dream of working within the healthcare career field. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes this spring in our catalog and on our website. ♪ ♪.

Manhattan Institute School of Allied Medical and Nursing in NYC

Welcome to The Manhattan Institute. Are you interested in a new career? A career change? Part time or fulltime? Does a career in healthcare interest you? Then maybe The Manhattan Institute is the right choice for you. The Manhattan Institute is a fully accredited New York State Career School who specializes in the training of allied medical workers. Allied medical workers are the men and women who assist doctors and other healthcare professionals in providing patient care. Allied medical workers are also important members of the healthcare team and are in demand. At The Manhattan Institute, you can choose from 9 different allied medical careers. You will be trained by our caring staff and our modern, stateoftheart facility.

Our training combines classroom lecture and handson training. We offer flexible schedules, so you can choose day, evening, or weekend classes. Our tuition is low and you can pay as you go. Need more information? Feel free to drop by and say hello. We're located in midtown Manhattan in the worldfamous 34th Street. We're always happy to answer all of your questions and give you a tour of our school. Don't have time to visit us? Then give us a call, or fill out the contact sheet on our website. We are always happy to talk to you. Take your time, explore our website. We are here to help you succeed.

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Lake Career and Technical Center
PO Box 1409, Township Road
Camdenton, MO 65020
Phone: 573-346-9260

When you reach the 4th and 5th Semesters of the MLT Program you will need to complete the following: 1. Background check and drug screen will be required before and clinicalinternships begin 2. Require necessary vaccinations: Annual flu, Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella 3. PPD testing 4. Health Form: The student must submit a completed physical exam form before beginning clinical rotations. 5. CPR certification � CPR classes are given periodically by the OJC Nursing Department.

Ï¿½ announcements will be made for enrollments into these classes 6. Transportation to and from clinical 7. Yearly Safety, OSHA and HIPPA training � done thru Medtraining andor in class 8. Each individual clinic may have their own requirements that will need to be met before student internship can begin. Please stop the tutorial now and complete the application for the background check and drug testing. The link to the site is located on this orientation page. After completion of the application, follow the directions on this page and email the.

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