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8 Things You Didnt Know About Phlebotomy

Hi I'm Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios reporting for the Phlebotomy Training News Network. Most people know that phlebotomists draw blood but there is so much more to this field of work. Here are some things you probably didn't know about phlebotomy. Let's start by going back in time in in Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian times removing blood from the body was considered a way to rid the body of evil spirits or illness. In addition phlebotomy isn't just for humans, veterinary offices draw blood to run tests on various animals. Something else you maybe didn't know, in early days phlebotomists were also barbers. The red white and blue barber pole is symbolic of drawing blood. Around the same time.

Phlebotomy procedures were referred to as quot;breathing a veinquot; and blood was drawn from larger veins in the neck or forearms. Another historical phlebotomy fact, quot;bloodlettingquot; was brought to the US by the pilgrims. They would draw blood from a patient until they began to feel faint. Furthermore, George Washington actually died from a botched bloodletting, when 9 pints of blood were drawn from him in attempts to cure a throat infection. Along the lines of phlebotomy, an arteriortomy is when an artery is punctured, usually in one's temple's. Finally, leeches used to be a common way to drop blood in the eighteen thirties and forties in France and.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Omaha,Nebraska

Universal College of Healing Arts - Omaha
8702 N. 30th Street
Omaha, NE 68112
Phone: 402-556-4456
Alegent Health School of Medical Assisting
810 N. 96th Street
Omaha, NE 68114
Phone: 402-717-1940
Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health
720 N. 87th Street
Omaha, NE 68114
Phone: 402-390-4863
College of Saint Mary
7000 Mercy Rd.
Omaha, NE 68106
Phone: 402-399-2400
Website: http://WWW.CSM.EDU
Xenon International Academy II, Inc.
8516 Park Drive
Omaha, NE 68127-3622
Phone: 402-393-2933

(music) This tutorial will show you how to use personal protective equipment when using Standard Precautions. Standard Precautions are the main way to reduce the risk of transmitting infectious agents in health care. They are used for all patients irrespective of their known or suspected infection status Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE is a component of Standard Precautions.

You need to wear PPE to protect yourself when you think you may have contact with or will be handling a patients blood or body fluids. In this tutorial will show you how to put on and remove gloves, aprons, gowns, eye wear and surgical masks. If you anticipate or know you're going to have contact with a patient's blood or body fluids you must put on gloves. Firstly, remove all wrist and hand jewelery.

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