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I'm Beth Calhoun. I studied Phlebotomy and I went through the MLA course, Medical Lab Assistant. The Medical Lab Assistant class was the greatest. I had a lot of fun doing the actual lab part of it; Streaking plates, making smears. It was a lot of fun to actually see where your phlebotomy samples wound up and how they got there. I was very fortunate when I first found out about AMTI, I actually had done a internet search trying to find schools in the valley and I came across AMTI.

And this has been my home ever since. I started with my Phlebotomy class here and I really wanted to come back and so I furthered with my MLA. My clinical externship right now, I'm at Lab Express on 5th McDowell I currently work in all departments and I kinda am a tool of all trades. Wherever they need me is where I go. Right now my focus is on hematology I help load the machine. I help pull the samples off the machine as well as I give the results to the.

Perks Of Being A Phlebotomist

Hi I'm Elora Murray and thanks for joining us at the Phlebotomy Training News Network. Having a career in Phlebotomy is full of benefits. Here are some examples:With each collected blood donation, phlebotomists help save up to 3 lives.In addition, Phlebotomists can take great satisfaction doing work that helps diagnose and treat patients. Also, Phlebotomists can work in a wide range of locations. Including hospitals, research laborites and insurance companies. Plus, working in the healthcare industry often gives one access to superior medical and retirement benefits. Furthermore, phlebotomists working at hospitals frequently.

Have access to employee wellness programs ad other benefits. For those of you wondering about money, an experienced phlebotomist can earn up to 20 dollars an hour.In addition, phlebotomy is a rapidlygrowing field with expected growth of 27 percent by 2022.Finally, many use phlebotomy as a steppingstone to nursing or another medical jobs. That's all the news we have for you today. Once again, I'm Elora Murray and thanks for joining us at the Phlebotomy training News Network. Have a great day.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Niles,Ohio

ETI Technical College
2076 Youngstown Warren Rd
Niles, OH 44446-4398
Phone: 330-652-9919
Raphael's School of Beauty Culture
1324 Youngstown Warren Rd
Niles, OH 44446
Phone: 330-652-1559

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