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Don't take this the wrong way, but you're pretty replaceable. When it comes to your body, science has figured out how to hack, synthesize, or replace a surprising amount of its parts and processes. We have implants to keep heart beats steady, and steel rods to mimic bones. We've got drugs that can replace hormones, and antibiotics to cover for your immune system, and pretty soon you'll be able to just 3D print a new ear if you need one. Really! But one thing we absolutely cannot manufacture despite what True Blood would have you believe is blood. And yet blood is a thing that we all need.

And sometimes, because of injury or illness, we need extra blood. In fact, every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. This could be a victim of a car accident, someone undergoing surgery, or a cancer patient who needs new blood to maintain their health during chemotherapy. And because we can't grow it on trees, or make it in a lab, or even it store it for all that long, the blood that people need nearly 16 million pints a year in the U.S. has to come from people who have donated it. So let's talk blood, shall we?.

Why Phlebotomy is a Great Career

Hi, I'm Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios reporting for the Phlebotomy Training News Network. If any of you out there are wondering what to do for a career, well you are in luck. Today we will be talking about why Phlebotomy is a great career choice. First let's take a peek into the future shall we? Through 2018, the healthcare industry is expected to be the top growing industry in the US. And by the year 2022 the number of phlebotomy jobs is expected to increase by 27 percent. And to throw some more numbers at you, in 2013 over 41 thousand phlebotomists were employed at general medical and surgical hospitals.

And phlebotomists make up about 12 percent of the total work force for medical laboratories. And for those of you who are wanting to hear how much money a phlebotomist makes we have your answer, in 2013 the average wage for a phlebotomists was just over 31 thousand dollars. And in Alaska, Phlebotomists have the highest hourly mean wage, 19 dollars and 33 cents. Lastly, Rhode Island has the highest concentration of phlebotomists in the country and California is home to over 11 thousand phlebotomy jobs the most of any state. So if you are looking for a good career you might want to give Phlebotomy a try. That's all we have for today I'm Elora Murray with.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Cincinnati,Ohio

Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati
11956 Lebanon Road
Cincinnati, OH 45211
Tri County Beauty College
155 Northland Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Elite Welding Academy
4670 Dues Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: 513-874-7473
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
645 W North Bend Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45224-1462
Phone: 513-761-2020
Website: http://WWW.CCMS.EDU
Eastern Hills Academy of Hair Design
7681 Beechmont Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45255
Phone: 513-231-8621

Welcome to this tutorial slideshow presentation from the Individualized Quality Control Plan for CLIA Laboratory NonWaived Testing MLN Connects National Provider Call. This educational call was held on Monday, May 19, 2014. This tutorial does not include the question and answer session that took place during the call. If you would like to listen to the audio or read the text of the QA session, refer to the description of this tutorial found on the YouTube page to access the link to the call detail page; from here you will find the audio recording and.

The written transcript. Hello everyone, Im Nicole Cooney from the Provider Communications Group here at CMS, and Ill be your moderator today. Id like to welcome you to this MLN Connects National Provider Call on the Individualized Quality Control Plan for CLIA laboratory nonwaived testing. MLN Connects Calls are part of the Medicare Learning Network. During todays call, CMS subject matter experts will provide information on Individualized Quality Control on the Individualized Quality.

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