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Hi I'm Elora Murray and welcome to the Phlebotomy Training News Network. Potential phlebotomy students often wonder what to expect in phlebotomy training. Well today we are highlighting some things a student can expect to learn in phlebotomy classes. Phlebotomy training programs can be completed in as little as three weeks. These classes include a mix of lectures and handson experience. To add, phlebotomy students perform over 50 venipuncture's while training. Students and instructors often have their blood drawn by other students as part of their training. Not only that but students are also trained.

In the use of microscrope's and centrifuges, as well as safety precautions. Also, students are educated on laboratory processes, therapeutic drug monitoring and other potential career applications for phlebotomy. Certification exams are provided by the ASCP, NHA and other organizations. In California, potential phlebotomists must also complete a 40 hour externship. Hopefully now you better understand what to expect in Phlebotomy training. For the Phlebotomy Training News Network. I'm Elora Murray. Thanks for joining us.

How Long Is Phlebotomy Training

You may be wondering how long is phlebotomy training? You might be surprised to learn that, with Education Consulting Associates and Auburn University, your training can be completed within 4 months, with a total of 270 course contact hours. Our Phlebotomy Technician program offers: Knowledge of the daily functions and procedures of a Phlebotomist The most recent safety guidelines Concise information about new federal regulations Updates on equipment and supplies The course also includes standards such as: Hazard prevention techniques Competencies in the workplace Securing a job.

How long is phlebotomy training? The sooner you start, the sooner you can finish. Call Education Consulting Associates today at 18885148944, or visit us online at StartCareerTraining now.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Tulsa,Oklahoma

Technical institute of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences
822 East 6th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-660-8828-11
Paul Mitchell The School Tulsa
14002 East 21st Street, Suite 1050
Tulsa, OK 74134
EyeCare Associates of South Tulsa Residency in Ocular Disease
10010 E 81st Street, Suite 100
Tulsa, OK 74133
University of Tulsa
800 South Tucker Drive
Tulsa, OK 74104-3189
Phone: 918-631-2305
Community Care College
4242 South Sheridan
Tulsa, OK 74145
Phone: 918-610-0027

I'm Tricia Tillman and I'm with Multnomah County Health Department. Injection drug use is a problem in our community. And used needles on the ground create a hazard for both people and pets. In the event you come across a used needle near where you live, work or play, this demonstration will show you how you can safely collect and dispose of a used needle using a few household items. You'll need a hard plastic container like a Gatorade bottle or milk carton. You never want to touch the needle with your bare hands so something like kitchen tongs from your kitchen or pliers.

You'll need tape to seal the container once the needles inside. And pens, like a Sharpie, to label the container. You'll need a bucket and some bleach for rinsing your utensils when you're done. And you'll need rubber gloves or latex gloves to protect your hands. So with my hands covered. I'm going to before I touch the used syringe I'm going to get my container ready. I'm going to set it upright, stable, on the ground, and remove the lid. I'm going to use my utensil to pick up the syringe.

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