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8 Things You Didnt Know About Phlebotomy

Hi I'm Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios reporting for the Phlebotomy Training News Network. Most people know that phlebotomists draw blood but there is so much more to this field of work. Here are some things you probably didn't know about phlebotomy. Let's start by going back in time in in Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian times removing blood from the body was considered a way to rid the body of evil spirits or illness. In addition phlebotomy isn't just for humans, veterinary offices draw blood to run tests on various animals. Something else you maybe didn't know, in early days phlebotomists were also barbers. The red white and blue barber pole is symbolic of drawing blood. Around the same time.

Phlebotomy procedures were referred to as quot;breathing a veinquot; and blood was drawn from larger veins in the neck or forearms. Another historical phlebotomy fact, quot;bloodlettingquot; was brought to the US by the pilgrims. They would draw blood from a patient until they began to feel faint. Furthermore, George Washington actually died from a botched bloodletting, when 9 pints of blood were drawn from him in attempts to cure a throat infection. Along the lines of phlebotomy, an arteriortomy is when an artery is punctured, usually in one's temple's. Finally, leeches used to be a common way to drop blood in the eighteen thirties and forties in France and.

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Arnolds Beauty School
1179 S Second St
Milan, TN 38358
Phone: 731-686-7351

Having the certificate makes it so possible to get a job because of the nature of this certificate that is highly in need. What surprised me the most at the top of the list was how much I learned. When I started out before these four classes, I knew very little and now at the end, the number of languages that I am able to program in is increased by at least a half a dozen. The number of frameworks that I'm familiar with, I've learned to be able to develop applications for Android, for the iPhone, for iPad, for Web, and applications that will work across all of those. I was very interested in becoming a web developer and especially mobile and iPhone developer.

And I found this program satisfies all those needs. I wanted to work in developing applications that had a customer or a user interface associated with them. And this studio program definitely helped with that. It helped when I was doing my job search and in my job interviews because the perspective employers would ask me, have you ever worked with any of these technologies, and 9 times out of 10 because of these classes I could say, yes I had worked in those and I had developed applications. You can always read the book and use all the resources that there are, but still there is a secret sauce that no book is telling you and they're telling us in these classes. Especially in my web application class.

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