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Okay, today we're going to learn how to do the dermal punctures on each other. The equipment you'll need is you'll need a lancet. Sorry, the needle lancet. You'll need your capillary tubes, alcohol swabs, your two by two gauze, you might need some tape. And then, you also need your gloves. Let's go ahead and put our gloves on. I've already obtained consent from my patient and informed them of the procedure.

As you see, I have two lancets out. You want to make sure that you always have backup equipment in case the lancet does not work. Go ahead and withdraw one of your capillary tubes. Place it out. Be careful. You might want to sit it on something that you know where it is, because it's plastic and it will blend in with the environment.

Phlebotomy Job Overview

If you've ever had your blood drawn, chances are you've interacted with a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood. While phlebotomists specialize in this area, they are responsible for many related duties as well. At the start of an appointment, they will converse with the patient or donor to explain the procedure, answer questions, and try to calm any anxiety the patient may be having.

In the case of blood donations, phlebotomists are often in charge of screening potential donors. In physicians' offices, they verify or record patients' information. Phlebotomists also take care of labeling and storing blood samples for processing or testing. There are a wide variety of locations where a phlebotomist can work, but they are most often found in physicians' offices, hospitals, or clinics. Some phlebotomists may work in blood donation centers,.

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Landmark College
River Rd South
Putney, VT 5346
Phone: 802-387-4767

I wanted to introduce you all to our nursing program. we have two different types of programs here at Harper. There is a certificate in practical nursing and then the associate degree in nursing. And those will allow you to go to the state and apply for the licensure exam which will allow you to either become a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse for the State of Illinois. Nursing is caring. One of the most important qualities to have is caring.

And the values. I want to bring up a point here at Harper. We have four very important values here at Harper. They are respect, integrity, collaboration and excellence. This is one of four medical surgical rooms so in these rooms you would find adults, psych patients. We would find geriatric patients, any kind of medical surgical patient. So if this student needed to practice the skill of doing a dressing change she would be working with this mannequin. This mannequin is a highfidelity mannequin.

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