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If you've ever had your blood drawn, chances are you've interacted with a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood. While phlebotomists specialize in this area, they are responsible for many related duties as well. At the start of an appointment, they will converse with the patient or donor to explain the procedure, answer questions, and try to calm any anxiety the patient may be having.

In the case of blood donations, phlebotomists are often in charge of screening potential donors. In physicians' offices, they verify or record patients' information. Phlebotomists also take care of labeling and storing blood samples for processing or testing. There are a wide variety of locations where a phlebotomist can work, but they are most often found in physicians' offices, hospitals, or clinics. Some phlebotomists may work in blood donation centers,.

Best Phlebotomy Schools In Petersburg,Virginia

Richard Bland College
11301 Johnson Rd
Petersburg, VA 23805
Phone: 804-862-6100
Petersburg Federal Correctional Complex
P.O. Box 90026
Petersburg, VA 23804
Virginia State University
One Hayden Street
Petersburg, VA 23806
Phone: 804-524-5000

With isolation gown and gloves you don't necessarily have to do your SSLRP and close but you do have to sanitize your hands so i'm going to go ahead and do that the only supplies you'll need are gloves and a gown the skills order dependent so you must put on your supplies in the right order and remove them in the correct order I'm going to put my gown on first going to find my ties.

Going to tie the neck going to make sure to cover my back with a gown it's a little bit hard to do but you do need to tie it in the back going to go ahead and put my gloves on the gloves need to cover the cuff of your gown okay for now I'm all covered.

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